My Mind Gives Birth to a Blog

I am a question asker, an idea generator, a chronic daydreamer. Starting a blog, a real-life, truly-actual blog that I would regularly write in has been a compulsive and recurring fantasy for the last several weeks. Now the hour of transforming this idea into a reality is finally upon me.

Naturally, I’ve been avoiding the task by taking a four-hour nap, cooking, cleaning, and choosing the exactly right WordPress theme to use. It is easy to imagine doing something, but not so easy to actually do it.

Coming up with ideas has always been easy for me, and if one could be a professional daydreamer I’m confident I could make a swift and easy career change into that field. However, ideas aren’t worth a whole lot unless you do something about them and mine tend to form, blossom, and then wither away all within the confines of my imagination.

Without further ado, the dream for this blog is to document the people I know and the places I go.

People are amazing. I am inspired by my family, friends, people I barely know, strangers I’d love to meet (like this stranger), and strangers I’m sure I’ll never meet. I believe that there is something special in everyone, whether it’s a perspective that’s worth understanding or a story that’s worth hearing or an experience that’s worth sharing. Humans of New York is one of my biggest inspirations because celebrates everyday people and shares their perspective. I want to do something sort of like that, but for people who I know and meet.

I am a big fan of places, and I want to write about these, too. I can’t help but love San Francisco, the Bay Area, and California in general. It explodes with excitement, adventure, and natural beauty that is worth sharing. I design walking tours of the Mission for out-of-town colleagues and create handwritten city guides for German tourists that sit next to me on 14 hour plane flights. I’m an unstoppable force of enthusiasm and the plan is to explore as many places as possible and share what I learn along the way.

Of course, in my dreams, this blog is birthed into the world fully formed with professional-grade photography, writing, and content. The world will gasp in awe at my never-before-had insights, my probing explorations of important topics, and my visually stunning and emotionally gripping photography. That is the beauty of an idea, of a dream: that it can exist in perfection in your mind.

One day my blog will inspire awe (I hope) but for now I consider it to be an accomplishment to have taking the first step towards making an idea into a reality. I’ve sat down, written a post, and put it out into the world.

I am excited to share with you my journey and the people and places that I encounter along the way. Cheers to the adventures that lie ahead!


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