Nonee | San Diego, California

“I actually got sent away to a brat camp when I was in high school. I was sixteen or seventeen. They handcuffed me at 1AM in my room in the middle of the night and put me on an airplane to Utah. Then I had to backpack around Utah for two months and I didn’t shower or talk to anybody.

It was this whole Mormon camp, and I think I figured out that I could outsmart the people who ran that camp by telling them what they wanted to hear.

It taught me that no situation is the end of the world… I figured out that I just needed to get through it and get home: make that my main goal, and if I just did that then I’d be OK.

Along the way I learned so much about myself and how much I actually liked being out in the middle of nowhere by myself. I could be perfectly content talking to ants, sober. There’s no problem with that for me.

Something that seemed like a punishment ended up being not a punishment. It just taught me a lot. It’s good to prove that to yourself.

Also you had to learn how to make fire with sticks and all that stuff. I felt like I could live through the apocalypse….all because they found handles of tequila in my nightstand.”

Life Philosophy

I’m still deciding. But currently it changes, along with my favorite songs at the time, in stages. I think everyone goes through stages in their twenties, don’t you?

I think it’s all about just being grateful. Being really really grateful and taking a step back. Slow down, deep breath, be happy, just smile. Stuff that sounds so cheesy and it’s …  just appreciation all around. You can spend a lot more time being dissatisfied, but there’s no point. It’s so much more fun to be happy.

On San Diego

I think it’s a good city for someone who’s not a big fan of cities.

In reality its just a bunch of little small towns, and there’s a place for everybody and everyone is forced to be very accepting. There’s no hiding anything and I don’t think there’s much lying here. Everyone’s pretty real. I like how casual it is as well because I’m a casual person.

On being American

I can’t say without being prismed from my perspective because that’s all I’ve ever been. I am American. I speak English. I was born in California. It’s all a matter of location. It’s about appreciation. I’m grateful to be American for what I have, but I don’t know what it’s like to be anything else.

I haven’t even been to a different country because I don’t count Canada. I’ve been to Mexico but it was Tijuana and I feel so close to that culture – we are sharing the same continent.

I probably have the best location I could in the whole world. But I wonder if someone else thinks the same thing, maybe. Probably in New York.

Current Mission

I’m working towards a healthier lifestyle and creating a platform to portray my mindset through art and some sort of online based sharing platform. Where people can share and talk and spread kind of the same message:

That’s it. I’ve always wanted to have something to do in my spare time that meant something and was fun, where I can place all the inspiration that I draw in life.


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