Raul | San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico

raul interview san blas nayarit mexico

Raul decided that he needed a break from his hometown of Guadalajara,so spontaneously took off for a trip to the Nayarit coast. I met him in the city of Tepic, when we both couchsurfed with the same host. After realizing that we had the same destination of San Blas, we decided to travel there together. Over the course of the following three days we slept in hammocks on the beach, toured a crocodile farm, hitchiked, saw fireworks, and pondered the meaning of life over beers under the stars. Travel friendships are strange, beautiful creatues. They acceclerate, intense and  exciting and full of shared moments of discovery, then suddenly dissapate with a hug and a goodbye and a parting of ways.


When I am sad, I am sad. When I am happy, I am happy… my philosophy is just to challenge myself to be free.

There’s a quote that I like that says if God doesn’t want, the priest will not succeed. Even when I don’t know what to do, I always follow my intuition. That’s what I recommend to everyone: follow their intuition in their lives. The heart knows.

Current Mission

My mission is to travel, to expand myself. I want to connect with people so I can get experience to help heal the world with my art. Right now I am willing to struggle in order to get that wisdom: [the wisdom] to make a change in the world for a good benefit.

What does being in San Blas right now mean to you?

I didn’t know I was going to be here, so everything is a surprise.

It means my first step to success, into this new experience that I am having… It also means peace for me, this beautiful sky and everything, like a breath of fresh air in my life. When I was [in Guadalajara], it was good, but I needed a change.

So, I am here because I have to be here. It is the perfect place to be right now. I feel calm, I feel connected with this city, I am here, it is part of the journey. I am here to analyze things and to relax.

On Being Mexican

First of all I don’t believe in flags or nations. But there’s a collective consciousness so being Mexican in that sense is good.

It is a third world country, so for me it’s great because I can appreciate a bit of struggle. There’s supposed to be too much violence, it’s not supposed to be a safe country, and the country is supposed to be not good. So I like that challenge.

I think for Mexicans, Mexico can be a great place to get stronger in the world… you have to make your own way in life and you have to struggle a little, and you appreciate where you are, and you will appreciate the little steps it will take to be successful.

I am really proud of being Mexican and I will always be Mexican. For me its more about being human, but being Mexican is good,

What’s one amazing experience you’ve had?

Being able to get through suffering in order to get to know happiness.

There was a time when I was sick, a hypochondriac. I was afraid of life. [Getting through] that helped me understand life more, understand myself. That’s one amazing thing I’e done. Being in bad places… taught me to appreciate things.

if you want more fun details, one amazing thing I can do is drink a lot without puking.


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