Karen | Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico


Current Mission

My current mission is to have a good day, because it’s my day off. To be honest that’s my current mission.

Life Philosophy

Try to be open and try new things. Lately I’ve done many things that I never thought I would do. If you had told me three years ago that I would be living in a surf town… no way.

But I’m doing it and I’m enjoying it so I’m trying to be more open about trying new things.

On Sayulita

Well for me it was a big decision [to move here] because I left all my life in Mexico City.

My parents are very conservative so they were like “What the fuck are you doing with your life?” … and I was like, “whatever, I’ll be a waitress”, and my mom was like “WHAT?!I can’t beleive I paid for your school for that!”

Yeah they got crazy. So for me it was a big thing.

My best friend brought me here, and I thought it would be three months and it’s been two years. I just found a new lifestyle that I had never even thought about. And I like it: not working at an office is a great thing. I feel like everyone’s friendly, I’m learning to surf, I’m doing things that in the city I would never do, I just feel happier. When I go back home, it’s cool, but I don’t think I can deal with that anymore.

On Being Mexican

I like being Mexican. I think we’re a pretty warm people, pretty welcoming, and we like people around. I like that, I like my country, it’s really cool.

I don’t like foreigners that complain about Mexico. Because if you don’t like Mexico, you can go back home.

One Amazing Experience I’ve Had

The decision to move here has been one of the coolest experiences… I’ve learned a lot and I ‘m a very different person than when I arrived.

For example, I’m not that athletic and I had never skateboarded because I’m always thinking ‘I dont want to get scars, I dont want to fall’.

So now, going in the water, paddleboarding, when I can catch a wave, I love it. When I’m actually doing it, I’m proud of myself. I think that reflects something new in my life.

What’s one thing you’ve learned recently?

Things don’t always have to be what your culture says or what your parents say. For me, this lifestyle is very different from what I’m used to and from what my family thinks. I’ve learned that it’s good… It’s different but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

I used to think it was wrong, and sometimes I still feel like ‘am I wasting my life?’ but then I’m like, ‘no’. I see people that are happy doing it and make their living in a different way than I thought I would do mine. But I’m happy, and every day I’m discovering what I really love to do and I’m more open than when I was in Mexico City just going to the office.

Not that I want to stay at the surf shop forever, but I’m learning new things and having new experiences.


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