Tempest | Rancho Sol y Mar, Jalisco, Mexico

tempest interview rancho sol y mar

Rancho Soly y Mar is a ten-minute walk from Rinconcito beach hotel where, crucially, cheap alcohol is sold. Upon this joyful discovery, I made a point to come crack an afternoon beer by the beach after my mornings hauling compost and scraping chicken poop at the ranch. One day while I was riding my cheap-beer-buzz, Tempest happened to be sitting across from me and -despite not knowing each other very well- she kindly agreed to my tipsy interview request.

Current Mission

Self exploration. I came down here kinda on a whim, mostly to get out of Canadian winter… ’cause last winter really really sucked. And I just split off from a six year relationship that drained me so I came here to work on myself and learn things for my future.

I’m learning natural building and just being single, enjoying myself, and doing what I want to do, when I want to do it. I’m just focusing on being happy.

Life Philosophy

I don’t hang onto things. I don’t carry anger. I dont carry grudges or hold on to shit, I just let things go.

Sometimes you really have to focus to do it because there are people around you that make your life difficult and you just have to say ‘its not worth it’, but for the most part if someone makes you mad you either avoid it or forget about it.

I know a lot of people that carry around a lot of anger but I don’t carry around that stuff so I’m not limited by the things I don’t like.

On Rancho Sol y Mar and Mayto

Mayto itself is a funny little town. Not much of a town, I guess there are a couple stores. The beaches are absolutely beautiful and I’ll never forget this place, this beach, and how quiet it is. You can go out on the beach in the middle of the day and there’s nobody there. You have this huge long beach all to yourself. Oh, and the people here are really friendly.

Rancho Sol y Mar is different. It’s like you’re in Mexico but not. It’s like a little ecosystem of itself. Not a lot of Mexicans work there.  I was kinda hoping I’d learn more Spanish while I was down here, but everyone speaks English.

On Being Canadian

I don’t think of myself as a Canadian, but I’m glad I’m from Canada because there’s worse places to be from. That’s about it. I have free healthcare, which is a bonus: I can go to the doctor whenever I want.

It’s tough to live anywhere, you can’t just pick up and find a job. One thing that I do love about Mexico is the entrepreneurship around here. That’s a lot harder to do in Canada where there are so many rules and regulations and permits and this and that. Down here they don’t give a shit. You want to build a house? Okay. No permits required, they’ll have someone come in and inspect your electrical… maybe.

What’s one amazing experience you’ve had?

Coming down here was the first time I got on a plane and left the country to a place that I didn’t even speak the language at all, by myself. I landed in Puerto Vallarta with a backpack on my back and… there I was.

Tell me something about yourself that I don’t already know

Often times I think I have issues projecting myself, because often times people take me the wrong way. Maybe I don’t smile enough? I don’t know. I have a super dry sense of humor, but I don’t take anything or anyone too seriously. I respect my elders of course, but even then if you’re full of shit you’re full of shit.


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