Diego | Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

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I am generally wary of people that start talking to me on the bus. But while en route from Querétaro to Mexico City and anxious about making my connecting bus, I actually found myself happily in conversation with the guy standing next to me.

There was an uncommon authenticity (maybe the way he spoke?) that made me immediately trust him. He ended up accompanying me to my bus stop, ensuring I made my connection and was overall one of the nicest, smiley-est and most helpful people I’ve met.

Faith in humanity: restored!

Current Mission

Right now I am studying international relations because I want to change the way foreigners and people outside our country see Mexico.

People think we are violent, they have these stereotypes of Mexico. I don’t want that, I want to work together with other cultures, and to get together with other countries to change… everything, you know? I think we can learn from other places.

There are politics and economics and all that, but I want to go into the cultural aspect of international relations.Why? Because if you go to another country, and you come back from that country, you will act differently. You will have certain things you learned there and will now apply to your life.

For example, I went to France and learned how to drive. I learned how to really drive. Now I am applying that, and am more respectful to pedestrians and bicycles and all that.

I think we can take that to the next level: we can learn from the education, traditions, lifestyle of others, and make ours better.

Life Philosophy

It comes because of my dad and grandfather, and it is just to do whatever you want as long as you are happy. Also, one of the purposes of living is to make other people happy.

On Querétaro

I am from Mexico City but came to live here ten years ago.

Querétaro is a nice place, even though there’s a lot of elitism here. But you can see that people here in Querétaro are really nice even if it is hard to start a conversation with them.

The city is beautiful, quiet and calm. We are growing, we are making progress, and there are a lot of areas of opportunity here. A lot of international enterprises are coming here and they are making this city: we have a new airport, a new aeronautic school.

On Being Mexican

First of all, we are happy people. We are a happy nation, even if we have problems, and Mexicans always make fun of everything, always, everything.

Even if we shouldn’t, we make jokes about the Second World War and Jews and all that. And that’s horrible. You can’t say that in Europe. But part of our philosophy, Mexican philosophy, is that… Ok, we have problems, we have violence, but you’re going to be sad? So you have you have your problems… and then you add more sadness, add more pessimism? No! Laugh about it, make fun of it. Take a problem and change it into a funny situation. In that way, you will forget about the problems for a moment. You can live with them.

The other thing is that Mexicans are very warm; we are a very friendly people. We are really nice, we have really good food, we have a lot of colors (if you come here you will see that everything has colors, brilliant colors). We have a lot of traditions, a lot of native cultures, a lot of languages, a lot of history. We have .. I don’t know… we have everything.

I don’t know why we think we are less than other nations. Mexicans think they are less than Europeans,  less than the Americans, less than someone from a first world country…and we are not! It’s not that you have to be better than anyone else, you just have to be better than yourself, and that’s what Mexicans need to learn. To be better every day.

What’s an amazing life experience you’ve had?

Traveling. Without question, it’s an adventure. I remember when I walked from France to Belgium. I walked for 12 hours, they were calling me crazy, they said ‘What the hell are you doing?’. It was amazing! I saw a lot of towns.

The best experience in my life was the first time I saw snow. I was so happy. I have photos, and in the photos, you can see the most honest smile you can find of me. The first time I saw snow was in Norway, it was on the ground, it was melting, but I was so happy. The second time was in France in the Alps, and it was falling, and … woah, it was just amazing!


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